June 22, 2008


We headed to Jordanelle for a short camping trip with my family over the weekend. My parents bought a new boat and we figured we had better break it in. We had a lot of fun wake boarding, tubing, and attempting to surf. It was beautiful weather and so much fun to be out on the lake!

June 15, 2008

happy dads day

This weekend, like everyone else we celebrated all of the wonderful Father figures in our life. Danny and I have been very blessed to have not just two, but three dads. We want to let each one of them know how much we love and appreciate all that they do for our little family. I would like to give them each the spotlight for a moment and tell you all why we love them so much...

First up is Dan. So much to say about this funny, loving, inappropriate old man ;0) Dan is one of the most giving people I have ever met. Even if he doesn't have what you need, he will find a way to get it. He shows kindness to everyone he meets and is a constant example of love. I have been very blessed to have a father-in-law that has accepted me into the family from day one. I guess I need to state the obvious and tell him thank you for raising such a great son. He has been a true example of what a husband and father should be through out Danny's life and I am grateful for the wonderful man he molded. He is the biggest supporter in all that Danny and I do and I'm not sure life would be the same without all of his quirks!

Next is Erric. Words can not describe how much I love him. He has enriched my life in ways I can't explain. I am reminded constantly of the genuine person he is and the integrity he has. He gives the best advice and I would consider him on of my best friends. He will drop anything and everything to be there for his children and that is a quality that some may say is hard to find. He is so involved in every aspect of our family and rarely misses any opportunity to be with us. He sets the example that family is the most important thing we have on this earth. He is like a child in a mans body and I love him for that! The day that he came into my life is a day that I will always be thankful for.

And last but certainly not least is Terry. Unfortunately our third dad lives out of state and so I was forced to pull out he most recent photo I had of the two of us. As you can all see it was from my wedding almost three years ago. Pathetic I know. Many of you reading this may not know that I have this hidden treasure that lives in Oklahoma. Even though he is not here physically, he is always on my mind. It hasn't always been easy keeping a typical father-daughter relationship because of the distance that is between us. But now more than ever I have come to understand the love we have for each other and the sacrifices he has made on my behalf. I want him to know how much I love him and how I hope our relationship will continue to reach places it never has. He has always believed in me and encouraged me to do my best and I can't remember a time he has ever doubted me. Thank you for all that you are... I love and miss you and hope that your fathers day was all you wanted it to be.

To all you other dads out there, Happy Fathers Day! You are all AMAZING and the world would be an empty place with out you!

June 10, 2008

A Little Mountain Air

We went up to my families condo in Park City for a couple days to relax and enjoy the beautiful mountains. You would think that since it is June we would've had some warmer weather... WRONG. It was quite chilly the first three days and then warmed up to a cool 65. This year we tried the new Alpine Coaster. It was awesome! We also went to a great Mexican Restaurant called the Baja Cantina and then headed over to the Chocolate Factory for those delicious Carmel Apples. The evenings were filled with hot tubs, movies, and lots of laughs. Thanks Mom and Dad for such a great trip! 

Oh the anticipation...

We also had a little random fun with the camera. These next pictures are just a few of MANY we took.

Not exactly sure why Braden thought he needed to wear a helmet to play Nintendo....

I love family vacations because everyone gets to let loose and have some fun. There are always great memories made that are remembered forever!

I also need to give a shout out to my little bro Gavin. He turned the BIG 15 today. He has the greatest personality and always makes us laugh. We love ya G-Unit! Happy Birthday!

June 7, 2008


We took a much needed vacation to warmer weather with the Reeder Fam (minus Janee). We decided to get one last family trip in before Aimee and Tyler leave to Missouri for school. It was fabulous! We swam, ate food, went on bike rides, ate food, shopped, ate food, went to Zions, did I mention that we ate food?

Some of the AMAZING scenery in Zions National Park

Cute little Olivia and Aimee

This was such a fun trip and it was great to spend time with the family! Lets do it again soon!

The Boy Has Some Hair...

I think the title of this post says it all. Danny is known for his many hair styles and this is just one to add to the books. He has had a slight obsession (he will deny this) with getting corn rows. So... on a boring Saturday I gave him his rows. Look at that head of hair!

Come One Come All!!!

Welcome to our blog! I'll be honest, I have no idea how to do any of this but figured it was a good idea since we have friends and family that are up and moving. So... if you happen to stumble upon our blog, feel free to add yourself! Although its just the two of us for now, the occasional interesting thing happens. Enjoy!