October 20, 2008


On Sunday the family ventured to the Snowbird Resort and rode the Tram to the tip top of the mountain. I love Utah this time of year and feel so lucky to live near the amazing scenery. I couldn't believe how much snow was already on the ground!

the CUTE boys

If you haven't made the drive to check out the mountains, I highly suggest that you do it soon! The leaves are starting to fall and it is getting chilly! Thanks for a fun Sunday Hammond family!

Fall Fun...

We had such a fun weekend with the family! On Friday night we went over to my parents house for a yummy dinner of soup and rolls and then pumpkin carving afterwards. The Warr family joined us and it was great to spend a beautiful fall evening with everyone!

Cute little Kayzia and my grandma.

This was Bradens' pumpkin. He thought that he would be able to fit it over his head.... obviously it didn't work. 
This was our pumpkin. Actually I should say it was Dannys. While he was busy carving, I was busy.... not carving. Im not a fan of the guts getting all over me. As you can see... Danny could care less.

October 14, 2008

a boy and his dog

So we have this dog. Her name is Reeda. No not Rita, Reeda. As in Reeder, our last name, but gangster style.  I thought I was the greatest wife in the world when I bought her for Danny two Christmas's ago. Now, there is nothing more in this world that I would like to get rid of. I know its mean but I'm just not a dog person (probably should have figured that out prior to the purchase). However. . . watching Danny play with her secretly melts my heart and I can't help but smile when I look at this picture. All I can hope for is that he looks this way when he's holding our children.

October 7, 2008

enjoying the journey....

i SO enjoyed this conference weekend. it seems to come at the perfect time of year when change is in air and you are looking for that uplifting thing to get you through the long winter months ahead. as we went through the weekend, i couldn't help but think how incredibly blessed we are. we live in such a beautiful place and have all of (well most of) our family and friends within a few miles. president monsons talk in the morning session on sunday was meant for me to hear. i tend to get ahead of myself with planning, schedules, wants etc. listening to our prophet challenge us to "enjoy the journey" touched my heart and uplifted me when i needed it most. so... i'm going to take the challenge and try to enjoy this journey that we are so blessed to be on and i hope you will do the same!