July 29, 2011

pleased to meet you...

introducing Beckham Daniel Reeder
born 07-25-2011
8lbs 2oz
21 inches long

we are so happy he is finally here!
we will be on hiatus from the blogging world for a few more days as little Becks has been taken to Primary Childrens. he is doing well and we expect him home and healthy in the next week or so. thank you for all of your love, prayers, and support.

danny, shante, & beckham

July 18, 2011

i remember...

as you can see by the little gadget to the left today is supposed to be "the day".
you know, the day that this baby who's been making himself much to comfortable in my womb was going to make his grand entrance?
i have a feeling it will come and go with out seeing any action. boo.

as i've been getting everything ready over the past few weeks for the little guys debut, i've found myself looking back over the last 9 months and remembering how life used to be. i know that as soon as this baby joins our family, daniel and i's life will take a giant turn into unchartered territory. am i ready for it? i think so. am i scared? you bet! could i be any more excited? probably not.

so here are a list of just a few memories. most of which i am very eager to forget.

i remember when i could clean my house without sweating like a pig and feeling like my heart was going to burst out of my chest.

i remember when i could run for 2 plus hours and feel great. now... well lets just say a walk around the block is a struggle.

i remember when i could get ready for the day really fast and now it takes me FOREVER because i have to stop to take breaks because i'm so tired. oh ya- and sweating like a pig.

i remember when my hands and feet looked "normal" and not like they'd been stung by a million bees.

i remember when i only slept with one pillow and now i sleep with four.

i remember when our little "she" turned into a "he" and i cried for two days. true story.

i remember when i could control my emotions, well sort of.

i remember when my clothes fit. this one is just depressing.

i remember when i could drink a glass of water and not have to run to the bathroom within minutes of finishing it.

i remember when i didn't have to recline the seat in my car just so i could drive "comfortably".

i remember when i didn't have to stuff my feet into almost every pair of shoes i own. flip flops have become my best friend.

i remember being hungry, eating something that sounded good, and being content with it.

i remember wanting this moment from the time i was a little girl.

i remember thinking that july 18th seemed SO far away and now its here.

i remember when this was just my dream and now its becoming my reality.

get here soon baby. your mother is so anxious to meet you and excited to make many more "remember when" moments with you.

July 11, 2011

busy, busy, busy

where has the time gone?! i can't believe its already the middle of July and only SEVEN days away from my due date (but that's another post). we have been so busy with family over the last month and it has been so much fun. two of daniels sisters live out of state and both came to visit at the same time this year. so.... obviously we had to get a family picture. don't mind that i am nine months pregnant in them. it is truly amazing to see how blessed we are with family when i look at this picture. it makes me think that one day, a long ways away, daniel and i will be the ones in the middle with our family surrounding us. even though this will be outdated in about a week once our little guy arrives, i am grateful to have this picture of the ever growing Reeder family.

i LOVE the 4th of july. every year since i can remember my family has been going up to Huntsville to participate in the early morning breakfast and town parade. it is something my dad grew up doing and and something that i hope to continue doing with my family. after the parade, a 3 on 3 basketball tourney, and some lunch we headed back down the mountain to be with daniels family for smores and fireworks.

our little family of three, soon to be four

the proud winning team of the Huntsville 3 on 3 basketball tournament.

with all of the family bbq's and get togethers, the last few weeks of pregnancy seem to have flown by. we are getting more and more anxious for the arrival of our little boy and i am in a state of disbelief that in only a matter of days, we will be starting a whole new chapter of life. we hope you all are having a wonderful summer!

xo- shante