December 28, 2008


Hello everyone! It has been one crazy month. Between moving, the snow, family parties, more snow, and all that comes with the holiday season, I feel like we missed the entire month. Now that things are back to normal, hopefully we can keep this blog updated. 

The best part of this season was getting into our new home! Thank you to everyone who helped clean and move all of our stuff! We are so happy to be in our house and have had so much fun organizing and making it feel like home. No pictures yet, but I promise I'll post some soon. 

I love Christmas because it brings family together and you get to enjoy all of the traditions that each family has. We do a fondue night with the Hammond family every Christmas Eve and it is a FEAST! We also made some sugar cookies with all the nieces and nephews on the Reeder side. On Christmas night we saw our annual movie. This year we saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button which was excellent. 

We hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas that was spent with family and friends.