October 15, 2011


if you can't tell, becks was pretty thrilled to be blessed this last Sunday.
we had all of our closest family and friends join us for this special day in beckhams life and everything was perfect.

daniel gave the most amazing blessing. i was so proud of him and so grateful that he holds the priesthood and is able to give blessings to our family. he said so many powerful things that will help and guide beckham throughout his life.

beckham is a pretty lucky little guy to have so many of his grandparents still living. even granny goose (his great-great-grandmother) was able to make it out to the blessing and take part in this special day.

grandma and grandpa hammond

grandma and grandpa reeder

becks looked so handsome in his blessing outfit. we decided to go away from the norm of all white and mix it up a little bit. he looks like a little man in these pictures and i love it!

it was such a surreal moment to be sitting in the chapel listening to my baby being given a name and a blessing by his father. it is a day that daniel and i will never forget. i am so thankful for our family and friends who came to support us. it was a day filled with the spirit and so much love for all that we have been blessed with.

October 10, 2011

mr. b

see. i told you he was perfect.

October 3, 2011


could you just eat him up? i can hardly stand how cute this little man is. mr B had his 2 month check up today and here are his stats:

weight: 10lbs 4oz (12th percentile)
height: 22.5 inches (22nd percentile)

its amazing to me at how fast he is growing and time is flying. i love it and hate it at the same time. he is starting to look like less of a newborn and is definitely growing into his feisty personality. these are a few things that i want to remember about him at this age:

-VERY happy baby. especially in the morning when he wakes up.
-he does the cutest stretches when you pick him up from naps. it melts my heart.
-the most alert baby i have ever seen. everyone comments on how big his eyes are where ever we go.
-he definitely know who his mommy is. i can always get a smile or coo out of him and he is my little cuddle bug.
-he LOVES bathes/showers. he gets so relaxed in the water and is starting to splash around.
-this child is DRAMATIC! even after we pick him up from crying he will continue to make whinny noises for a few minutes after even though he is completely fine.
-slobber. slobber. slobber.
-starting to get a little separation anxiety when mom and dad leave him alone.
-is very easily soothed and rarely cries.
-sleep through the night but is awful at napping during the day.
-loves his swing.
-can fit his entire fist in his mouth.
-getting very long and dark eyelashes.
-loves to be outside.
my two handsome boys in their beanies.

we went golfing with Daniels mom and dad and thought we'd introduce becks to the game. he was perfect the entire time. we rigged his car seat to the back of the cart and it worked quite nicely.

this little love bug is by far the best thing to happen to our family. it is safe to say that everyone has fallen head over heals for him.