March 3, 2011

what the???

do you ever have those days that all you can think is WHAT THE???

lets just say that tuesday, march 1st, 2011 was one of those days.

we had our "BIG" ultrasound that measures all the major organs inside the baby to make sure everything is there and functioning properly. our little munchkin passed with flying colors.


our lady decided she wanted to do some changing and without further ado, i'd like to introduce you to our


to say the least, my world was rocked. i believe my exact words were "shut up! are you kidding me? you're 100% positive?"

they were positive. and now i am positively in a state of disbelief and excitement. from the day we found out we were expecting i had a feeling it was a boy. even when they told us it was a girl, i was still having dreams of a boy. and in the week prior to our appointment i had dreams almost every night foretelling this event. one dream included daniel doing fist pumps. (i'm pretty sure he was doing them in his mind when they announced the news)

and so the story goes that instead of a little lady, we will be blessed with a stud muffin. parting with the few girly outfits was quite hard and i even debated keeping them. ya know, just in case. but, i've made the switch into boy mode and i am now preparing myself for the destructive nature that comes with boys.

all in all i can't be too disappointed ;0) i have a healthy growing boy in my belly that will have me wrapped around his dirt filled little finger in no time.