September 16, 2011


this little man is going to be 2 months old this week and it blows my mind at how quickly the last 8 weeks have gone by. it literally seems like yesterday we were checking into the hospital, anxious to meet him.

the past 8 weeks have been some of the most challenging but most rewarding of my life. its hard to remember what our world was like with out beckham in it. our family feels more complete than it ever has. i am constantly in awe at how lucky i am to be the mother of such a sweet and beautiful baby boy.

he truly is such an amazing baby. he has slept wonderfully at night from the get go. naps however are a different story. he just wants to stay awake and cuddle with mom all day. which is fine with me but lets just say my appearance is most always less than fashionable these days.

he loves his baths! he will sit contently in his tub and not make a peep. this week he has discovered how fun it is to scoot his little tushie until he is almost completely emerged in water.

in the last 2 weeks he has become so much more alert. he definitely recognizes his mom and dads voice and follows us around the room with his eyes. he is all smiles in the morning and he desperately wants to talk. mmmmm i could just eat him up.

i've been fortunate enough to stay at home with him and i am so thankful for that. i love waking up with him each morning and not knowing what the day will bring. babies really are a little piece of heaven on earth. they posses such a sweet spirit and its been amazing to watch this little creation of ours grow and develop. we love him more than we know how to express and are so thankful he is all ours.