November 11, 2010

two six

the mr. turned twenty six last weekend. that's a big number. well- bigger than the one eight he was when i met him. crazy to think i was a pre pubescent fifteen year old girl with flattering metal braces to top it off the first time we laid eyes on each other. ahhh... memories.

we celebrated with some of our closest friends at his favorite restaurant and finished it off with family parties. he was spoiled.

some of you might be wondering what his one and only birthday wish was. this grown, twenty six year old, boy/man (depending on the day) asked me, the wife, for an entire day of uninterrupted Call of Duty game playing time. accompanied by an entire costco chicken pot pie. he informed me i can be home on this day of days but am forbidden to ask anything of him. this includes laundry, dishes, making beds, cleaning bathrooms, doing yard work, etc.

so... if anyone is doing anything fun on saturday let me know. because i'll be banned from his presence until 12:01 am sunday morning.

i love you to the moon and back darlin. thanks for making it so easy to love you. happy birthday!