February 10, 2012

six months...

this cutie pie is six months old! what the heck?! that's half of a year! i have to admit, this whole growing up thing is a total love/hate relationship for me. i love seeing how much he is learning everyday and watching his personality come through. but, i HATE that my little baby is growing up so fast. everyone always told me when i was pregnant that this would go by too quickly and they were spot on. beckham is just as cute as ever and it's hard to think of what i did with my days before he came along.
his stats at his six month appointment:

height: 25 inches, 23rd %
weight:17 poinds, 54th %
head: 17 inched, 54th %

so basically he is short, fat, and really smart ;0)
beckham is all smiles these days. he recognizes familiar faces and gets really excited when mom, dad, or mickey mouse clubhouse are in his view. he is such a terrific baby. never cries, sleeps great, eats great, and entertains himself. although he is a wonderful baby, he NEVER STOPS MOVING!!! i am in need of a nap by about 2:30 every day.

some miles stones that he hit this month are:

sits completely by himself.
is eating pretty much anything we can give him.
trying to get the hang of a sippy cup.
smacks his lips for kisses.
has two bottom teeth.
rolls everywhere and is SO close to crawling.

we sure love you little boy!