September 28, 2008

SluMbEr pArTy!!!

My youngest brother Cale has been BEGGING to have a sleep over with Danny and I.  We started off the night by stocking up with treats from All A Dollar and seeing Iron Man at the good old Movies 9. By the time the movie was over the night was still young so we broke out Monopoly. We had a great time and are so glad that Cale still thinks we're cool enough to hang out with! Love ya Monkey!

September 4, 2008

so long summer...

Well the time has finally come. I believe that summer has come to a close. The BBQ's, family vacations, days lounging at the pool, and warm nights are all done. Even though we had a great summer, I have to admit that I'm SO excited for the fall. It is my favorite season and I love the atmosphere that lingers in the air over the next couple of months. So heres to a great summer and an even better fall!

p.s.- Sorry for the absence in the blogging. I recently lost our camera and have been slightly upset. I hope the cab driver in San Francisco enjoys it!