March 29, 2009

4 sale

we just happen to have a lovely 50'' HITACHI T.V. for sale. it works great and is in good condition. i guess we justified getting a new one to go with our new house. well, danny justified it. if anyone is interested call danny @ 801-413-9037. 

March 26, 2009


for lack of better words our life is boring. i haven't touched my camera for months, haven't gone anywhere or done anything out of the ordinary, and feel like time is passing by way too fast with not a thing to show for it. anyone else ever feel like that? all though i enjoy some down time every now and then, i must admit that i am going stir crazy! 

danny has been working six days a week to keep up with the demanding and never ending tax season, but as for me... nothing new. could this dullness be caused by the stupid weather we are having? my guess is 100% yes. i need sunshine and warm weather to lift me out of this slump. hopefully, someday soon, we will see some bright rays...

until then, i'll rack my brain with things to post and try to have a better attitude. ;0)