July 31, 2008

schools out FOREVER!!!

Needed to give a BIG and well deserved congratulations to Danny. He finished his last final last night and can now officially say he is a graduate. I think that I might be more excited that he is! Now we are headed on a much needed vacation to Mexico for 8 fabulous days! Adios Amigos!

July 28, 2008


yesterday danny and i celebrated our three year anniversary. the three have gone by too quickly and we've experienced so many things together. i can't write down exactly what this man means to me but i'm going to give it a shot so that all of you reading this get somewhat of an idea of how blessed i am to be loved by him. i have never felt safer that i do around danny. i know that when i'm with him everything will be ok. he gives me a sense of security that others can not fill. he knows what he is capable of and won't settle for anything less. he acts happy to talk to me all 50 times i call him per day even if the conversations are only minutes apart.  i find myself growing more and more in love with him everyday. he treats me like a princess and always has my best interest at heart. he reminds me that life is supposed to be fun and not to take it so seriously. he makes me laugh and helps me to find humor in the toughest situations. he always saves the last bite for me even if i know its something he wants. he encourages me to follow my dreams and doesn't hold me back from trying to reach them. he lives in the moment while i on the other hand have to have a plan for everything. he knows me better than anyone else and can make the worst of days better. he acts like a child and ignores me when i tell him to stop. he has taught me patience and that life finds a way no matter what. he is my other half that without i would not be complete. we have experienced so many things together, both good and bad, and i wouldn't trade any of them for the world! i am so blessed to have him in my life and feel like the luckiest girl to wake up to him everyday! i love you babe! happy three year!

July 26, 2008

Sun Valley, ID

We were able to spend a week on a very relaxing trip to Sun Valley, Idaho with the whole Hammond family. For those of you who have never been there it is a must! There is SO much to do there, the only problem is finding enough time to fit it all in! 
The entire town and those surrounding it are covered in paved bike paths. We made the loop through Elkhorn in the mornings and ended up at our favorite, Java Hut, for breakfast and the famous Mexican Hot Chocolate. These bike rides have become a tradition and I still look forward to them even though I've been going on them since I was five. Its so fun to have family traditions continue on throughout the years.

We also spent lots of time at the pool. I was completely entangled in the newest Stephanie Meyer book, The Host (SO GOOD!!!), while the boys had competitions to see who could jump the farthest into the water and bothered pretty much everyone else.

One night the adults got away from all the kids and went out for a nice dinner at Sushi on Second. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!

There are several golf courses in this little resort town and also a river that flows throughout. The boys always walk the river and come back with bags full of golf balls. 
It was a great trip! Thanks for all of the laughing, traditions, memories, and good times

July 18, 2008


We had a great time in Las Vegas! Besides the blistering heat, it was a very enjoyable visit to the Wise residence. Even though Danny had two basketball camps, we still found time to enjoy all that Sin City offers. We swam, shopped, ate really good Sushi, and we may or may not have gone to Golden Spoon several times. (For those of you wondering what this is, its a DELICIOUS Frozen Yogurt place, so good.) It was great to spend some time with family that we don't see very often. Thank you so much for letting us invade your home. We had a great time!
Meg was quite entertained watching me get ready almost every day. She and Emma always wanted me to do their hair and I think I may have rubbed off a little too much on Meg (sorry Brig and Kristin) If you can't tell, she has lip gloss on and we have matching hair doos. She definately has some sass!
I guess you could say that Daniel had the same effect on Cooper. When Danny left Cooper informed everyone that he wishes he had a brother. 
Eating a yummy dinner at a great Japanese place on the strip called Ra. 
Its a good thing Danny is such a child. The neighborhood kids all loved playing with him, minus the little boy he gave a swirly to last summer (no joke). One of the kids told him he's the "bestest Rock Band player" he's ever seen. Good to know that he's on the same level as five year olds!
We got to meet the newest addition to family, Maisy Kaye Wise. She is beautiful and I think that Danny and I liked her a little too much!

Basketball went well and we won't know anything for a couple more weeks. Thank you to everyone for your love and support. We will keep you updated as we find things out. Now its off to Sun Valley Idaho with the Hammond family for a week. Summer is CRAZY!

July 7, 2008


I just had to give a little congratulations to Cale. His baseball team will be playing in the State Championship game tomorrow! Good Luck!
Also, Danny and I will be leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow. Me for one week and Danny for two. He has been invited to some tryouts for basketball. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers throughout the next two weeks! We will keep you all updated if anything comes about!

happy (?) fourth of july

So some of you may be asking why there is a question mark after the word "happy". Well, here it goes. The holiday weekend started out looking great. We had big plans to go boating and camping with my family. However, my little brother Cale had a baseball tournament and so we decided to just go boating. They played on the 4th and lost by one run so we packed up the boat and headed to Utah Lake. After taking the wrong exit (thanks to me), and hour later we arrived at the marina. We launched the boat excited to enjoy the warm weather. One problem... the boat wouldn't start. We tried to jump it but had no luck so we packed up and headed to the gas station for some beverages. As we pulled into the driveway, my dad came to the realization that he had lost his Blackberry so... he drove back to Lehi only to find out that it was no where to be found. Bummer! Then as we climbed onto my parents roof to watch the fire works we discovered that the neighborhood trees had grown just a tad too high to see ANY fire works. After that we decided we were going to turn the night around and make the best of a less than perfect day. We played night games and had a few laughs at my mom who thought she was pretty funny with her "disguise", and also at Braden who fell out of the tree he was hiding in. Although the actual 4th was a bust we had a wonderful remainder of the weekend. Danny and I went golfing at South Mountain Golf Course, we went on a mountain bike ride on the beautiful Clarks Trail, and managed to get the boat up and running for Sunday. This weekend was all about making memories. I believe we succeeded!