May 17, 2009

i am...

a WOMAN OF STEEL! that's right... i competed in the Woman of Steel triathlon on saturday. this was my second time doing this race and it is SO SO fun! there is something so inspiring about the atmosphere. its magical. there are women from all walks of life, different shapes and sizes, all there for the same purpose, to finish the race. the weather was perfect and the support from on-lookers, amazing! my wonderful hubbie came once again to watch me and was there at every transition to cheer me on. what a guy. i would have to say that the best part of racing is the end. not because you know your almost done (that part is nice too), but because you get this incredible adrenaline rush. all of a sudden you feel like your floating across the pavement in those last hundred feet to the FINISH line. its painful. its a challenge. its inspiring. its a triathlon. and... its so worth it. 

p.s. i'm not one to care about what my finishing time is but... i took first place in my age group. HUGE accomplishment to check off my lifes' to do list.

p.s.s. this years pics wouldn't load so here are some of last years. missed all those that weren't here for this one.. maybe next time  ;0)