February 20, 2011

half way there...

ladies and gentlemen.....

i'd like to introduce you to the new and much rounder version of me.

this week marks the 20th week of pregnancy so far. that means only 20 more to go.

whoever said that you are only pregnant 9 months is full of it. it's really 10. what the heck!?! someone should've told me prior.

so far being pregnant has been a roller coaster. the first 3.5 months were AWFUL!

rarely ate or drank. threw up. dry heaved when i wasn't throwing up. but hey! it was the best diet i've ever been on!

at my first appointment i was negative 13lbs. since then i've only gained one so i guess i can't complain.

i'm finally getting my energy back and feeling as "normal" as possible.

the last week i've been able to feel her move around a little bit. it has made it that much more real that there really is a little person growing in there.

daniel has been the best husband possible for the last 5 months. he was slightly neglected for a while and took care of things like a champ. from cleaning, laundry, cooking, and running around getting what sounded appetizing to me at the strangest times, he never complained once.

we have been busy preparing the nursery and resisting our urges to buy every darling outfit/shoe/accessory we see. i can guarantee our little lady will be the best dressed in town.

we feel so blessed and lucky to be given this opportunity. there is already a sweeter spirit in our home and this experience has given me a new love for daniel. we can not wait to meet our little baby cakes! hopefully the next 20 weeks fly by.....

and now, here are the lovely baby bump pics thus far. i promise i own a more colorful wardrobe than grays and blacks. but what can i say, they are making me feel slimmer. enjoy.


five weeks

ten weeks

twenty weeks

February 14, 2011

i heart you

happy V day to all of you

i love my family

i love my friends

i love my wonderful husband

i love my little girl growing in my tummy

i love..... love

i hope each of you finds someone to love today.