November 24, 2011

giving thanks...

i am thankful for my beautiful, healthy baby boy. i am thankful for the happiness and light that he has brought into my life. i am thankful to be a mother.

i am thankful for good friends. i am thankful for the support and love that they are so giving of. i am thankful for the laughs, tears, and love that we share with each other.

i am thankful for a husband who loves me even when he shouldn't. i am thankful for his patience and kindness, his sense of humor, his willingness to do anything for our family. i am thankful he is all mine.

i am thankful for our families. this past year i would have died with out them. i am thankful for the sacrifices they make on my behalf. i am thankful for the example that they all are. i am thankful for the little things that they do to make my life easier and my day better. i am thankful for parents who have been there through thick and thin. i am thankful for siblings who make me laugh and make me proud.

i am thankful to be alive, healthy, and happy. and once again...
i am thankful i get to look into these big brown eyes every day!

we hope that you all find things to be grateful for this thanksgiving!
have a wonderful turkey day!

the reeders

November 12, 2011

one year older

this past week danny turned 27... yowza! that's almost 30! we went away for the night on a much needed date for some sushi, red mango, and a movie to celebrate. it's crazy to think that we met 10 years ago when he was just a spry and agile 17 years old. a lot has changed in 10 years. he's graduated college, gotten married, bought a house, has a grown up job, had a baby, sprouted his first gray hairs, and a few more odds and ends. some things haven't changed in ten years though. he still acts like he's a child, makes me laugh everyday, has the best dance moves out there, and is my best friend. we love you and think you're the awesomest person there is.
even if you are nearing 30.
s and b

November 4, 2011

three months

where has the time gone?! its hard to believe that the last 3 months have gone by so quickly. beckham is so much fun and has COMPLETELY changed our lives. he rules the house and i'm pretty sure he's starting he understand that we are wrapped around his chubby little finger.

for only being 3 months, becks is one of the most personality filled babies i have ever seen! he never sits still and is always bright eyed looking around. he loves to be looked at right in the eyes when you are talking to him and is starting to have full conversations with us.

he has taken a liking to his fists and you will constantly hear him gagging on them. his fingers are never far from his mouth. he is quite the social butterfly and likes to be wherever the action is. he lets you know when he doesn't like something by grunting and letting out a nice high pitched squeal. he eats like a champ lately and gets very upset when his meal times are over.

despite his small beginnings, some plump little rolls have developed on his legs and they are the most delicious things ever! he loves being naked and still enjoys his long baths and showers.

he wants so badly to sit up and to roll over and its hilarious watching him try. he grunts and groans until he finally gives up. he hates his carseat with a passion which makes for some fun car rides, but he loves his stroller and enjoys going on runs with mom and dad.

we are in love with his dark eyebrows and long eyelashes. he is a little flirt and bats his eyes when you talk to him. his baby hair is starting to break off and his little hairline is starting to fill in. adorable. everyone keeps trying to talk me into cutting a little off the top but i just can't do it. sorry you look like a troll baby.

we love this little boy more than we could have ever imagined. i'm pretty sure he's all we ever think about anymore. we have loved watching him grow and develop so much over the last few weeks and can't wait to see what new things he'll be doing next!


halloween is one of my favorite holidays and it was even more fun with becks. although he is never going to remember his first halloween it was fun for us to experience it.

mr. b went as a magician, i was little red, and daniel was an ipod. i realized that holidays will no longer be go with the flow now that we have a baby. everyone had to make sure they saw him in all his cuteness. we had soup with dannys family as well as with mine and then called it a night.

i cant wait until becks is older and i can raid his candy sack for all my favorites.

happy halloween!