November 12, 2011

one year older

this past week danny turned 27... yowza! that's almost 30! we went away for the night on a much needed date for some sushi, red mango, and a movie to celebrate. it's crazy to think that we met 10 years ago when he was just a spry and agile 17 years old. a lot has changed in 10 years. he's graduated college, gotten married, bought a house, has a grown up job, had a baby, sprouted his first gray hairs, and a few more odds and ends. some things haven't changed in ten years though. he still acts like he's a child, makes me laugh everyday, has the best dance moves out there, and is my best friend. we love you and think you're the awesomest person there is.
even if you are nearing 30.
s and b


Mackenzi said...

Happy Birthday Danny!

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Danny and you look just beautiful shan! xoxo!