December 30, 2010

we're back!!!

lots of pictures.

lots of laundry.

more to come.

hope your christmas was a merry one.

ours sure was.

December 17, 2010

wishing you.....

a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! this month has been jam packed with lots of fun filled holiday activities. i love this time of year. it always reminds me of how grateful i am for all of you wonderful people. i love the spirit that fills my home, the beautiful lights, white fluffy snow, yummy food, seeing family and friends, and being reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.

we recently planned a trip to the Utah Food Bank with some of our closest friends. it was so much fun to get together and really put into perspective how fortunate we all are. after we finished up there, we headed to Stoneground for a delicious dinner. thank you to all of those who made it! i think it could be the start of a new tradition...

we also took a stroll through Temple Square with the Reeder family. of course we picked the coldest night to go but it is something that you just can't miss out on each December. it is truly amazing how magnificent the temple grounds are with all of the twinkling lights. those of you who live elsewhere (you know who you are) were missed greatly. the holidays just aren't the same with out you here.

tomorrow danny and i leave with my family for a ten day trip to the tropics. we can hardly wait to get away from the chilly temps. although i will miss the usual christmas traditions, i think i'll soon get over it as i'm basking in the sun with a book, my hubbie, and a pina colada.

merry christmas! from our family to yours.