December 8, 2011

four months...

my little baby cakes is now a little over 4 months old. he went to the dr.s yesterday and here are the little guys stats:

14 lbs- 29th percentile
24 inches- 15th percentile
head circumfrence is 16 inches- 57th percentile

he is getting more and more fun everyday and his personality is starting to come out. he is such a happy baby! he rarely cries unless he is tired and is easily calmed down.

this past week he has been rolling all over! no more leaving him unattended! he loves loves loves his feet and you will constantly find them in or near his mouth. he is a slobber monster and drools non stop!

he has also started to hold his bottle. he gets so excited when he sees it and sometimes clenches his little fists because he can't wait to eat!

we attempted to feed him brown rice cereal a few week ago...
this face pretty much sums up how he liked it the first time. after a few days he started to get the hang of it and now gobbles it down. however, he will only eat it if it's mixed with applesauce. its a two man job to contain his hands, feet, hold his head, and shovel it in fast enough. he usually ends up with 50% of the food in his mouth and the other 50% up his nose, in his hair, and under his fat little neck.

this boy is my most favorite thing in the world. he makes everyday fun, exciting, and challenging. i wouldn't trade it for anything!

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